FAC At the International Essencia Water Festival August 30th

Check this out! Organized by former FAC Artists Shalack Attack and Fiya with their art collective Essencia!

FAC will be participating in the panel discussion on August Saturday August 30th, with speaker Bernadette Wycks (@newearthling) who will be speaking about environmentalism and water from a feminist perspective!

Background on Essencia:

*excerpt from website

The Essencia Arts Collective believes that art can be a tool for social change and community empowerment. With members from across six continents, Essencia expresses itself from a unique and global perspective. Having over 10 years experience working in diverse communities around the world, the collective has run artistic projects with youth, first nations, refugees, immigrants, prison inmates, galleries, and festivals. Essencia encourages artistic storytelling, and expresses itself through muralism, street art, graffiti, graphic design, photography, video, music, poetry, dance and love!

Water Festival

Thoughts on FAC 2014

Thoughts on FAC 2014

What to say about #FAC2014?

For us, FAC 2014 was a such a clear reflection of one of FAC’s favourite quotes:

“The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is—it’s to imagine what is possible.”

–bell hooks

We are positively over whelmed, over stimulated and over the moon!

There is so much to reflect on and so much to say about the amazing dialogues that happened over the conference.

We are sure that we will be thinking, reflecting, writing and creating on these moments for weeks to come.

Most importantly, today we want to thank our community who came out in droves to support the artists, give them thoughtful feedback and ask such enlightened questions.

For #feminist artists it means so much to have a space to present your work, speak about your work and have an engaged audience for that work:

SO: thank you, thank you thank you!

We will be posting many pictures in days to come; but for now this is the moment we want to reflect on:

d’bi’s keynote when she grounds the audience and reminds us of our task as artist activists to practice self care, community care and care for the earth.

Please continue the dialogue

keep in touch with one another,

build and support that community

organize and collaborate under a celebration of creative resistance.

To see the contact information for any artist at FAC 2014 artist click below:


Photo by Simon Farrington
— with d’bi.

Announcing Our Key Note!

d'bi masai warior princess by wade hudson high res

We are so excited to announce that d’bi young will be our Key Note speaker at FAC this year!

d’bi. is an internationally celebrated African-Jamaican-Canadian dubpoet, monodramatist and educator. She is the published author of two collections of poetry, eight plays, two dubpoetry albums, and The Sankofa Trilogy. d’bi. is the recipient of two Dora Mavor Moore Awards, the K.M. Hunter Theatre Award, Toronto Mayor’s Arts Council Award, the Women of Resilience Award and The Canadian Poet of Honor Award. She is the Artistic Director of YEMOYA International Artist Residency and the originator of the personal development methodology called SORPLUSI. d’bi. is also the Program Designer and Facilitator of the Arts, Activism and AIDS Academy – a recent project of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Her storytelling has taken her to Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, North America, Europe and the United Nations, where she has shared her passion for equality and integrity with all whom she meets.