The Vibrant Inside: spaces of social abandonment in the gentrifying city

Monday Art Group/Red Wagon Collective

The Red Wagon Collective / Monday Art Group is a social practice arts project which takes place at a women’s shelter in a gentrifying Toronto neighbourhood. Women from the neighbourhood gather every week with women living at the shelter to share space, make art, drink tea and engage in a collective and multi-directional practice that intervenes in the public space of the neighbourhood. RWC/MAG is an informal economic space of knowledgeable, informational, emotional, supportive, resource, and gifting exchanges. RWC/MAG is also a performative space where group members work across multiple differences to push the boundaries of neighbourliness, social arts, dialogue and resistance. The artwork engages an aesthetic that speaks to the impoverished conditions of work within the marginal space of the shelter, an aesthetic that often looks and sounds different than what is understood as contemporary art. RWC/MAG takes interest in the unique expression of those with direct experience of the violence of capitalist/colonial society and puts forward the question of its inclusion, unmediated, in cultural and social justice discussions.


FAC York

Crossroads/XROADS Gallery

HNES 283, York University, Keele Campus

Sept 21 to Oct 16, 2015



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