Kara Stone & Beth Maher


Fairweather Fortunes

Kara Stone: Kara Stone is an art-maker creating videogames, interactive art and traditional crafts. She achieved an MA in Communication and Culture at a joint program at York and Ryerson University, focusing on mental health, affect, feminism, and videogames. Her work has been featured in Vice, Wired, The Atlantic, and NPR. It consists of feminist art with a focus on gendered perspective of affect – but it’s much more fun than it sounds.

Artist Website

Beth Maher: I make my own little games both board and video (though not as many as I’d like while chasing around a toddle), help out on others (usually by making extraordinary cutsey pixel art) and mentor with Dames Making Games. I was on the jury for the 2013 and 2015 Independent Game Festival Awards. I have run workshops on creativity and ideation for video games – kinda like an art school crash course for the tech set, as well as teaching children and other newcomers how to start making their own games. I’m always up for collaboration and I have dabbled in graphic design and like to whip up logos for my friends.


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