Jenna Reid


FAC ARTIST RESIDENCY HIGHLIGHTtumblr_inline_nouxkaL7191rf440b_500

Jenna Reid first learned to quilt as a preteen as a way to connect with her paternal family. Experiences of grief, intense nostalgia and a deep respect for the feminist roots of quilt making have inspired Jenna to use quilting as her chosen medium in order to engage with and express issues of disability justice. It was through her aunt that Jenna learned the essential skills of the craft of quilt making. This included the fundamentals of construction and the significance of making the connections between her current practice with both her personal history and the history of the social world around her.

Through her training in the Fibre Arts Program at Haliburton School of the Arts, Jenna has worked towards developing and honing her skills as an emerging fibre artist by focusing her studies on quilt making and the processes of nature based dyeing. Working across the disciplines of Critical Disability Studies and Fibre Arts Jenna is able to engage artistic practices as political and socially engaged expression. In this way, Jenna hopes to connect her own personal practice as a fibre artist as being intricately linked to her engagement with and contribution to the Mad and Disability Communities around her.


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