Fonna Seidu & Tumaini Lyaruu


Vulva is

Fonna Seidu (pronounced “Phone-Ah”) is a queer-identified Black-Filipin@ radical care bear, opportunity curator, community artist/archiver, & an avid action-lister. She is motivated by collaborations, grassroots education, and alternate media outlets. She wholeheartedly supports community building, personal development, and self-care practices.!

Artist Website

Tumaini Lyaruu is a Toronto based HIV/sexual health educator and craftivist. Tumainis’ preferred gender pronoun is ‘T’ and T is a sparkly confetti mosaic of badass queer afro-blackness. T uses the power of crafting, compassion & our truths to foster meaningful growth across communities, and believes that they are tools to participate in each other’s liberation.!


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