Tara Atluri


Cover Designed by Kara Springer


Tara Atluri-has a PHD in Sociology. She is a Lecturer at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. She recently held the position of post-doctoral researcher at the Open University in the United Kingdom, as part of Oecumene: Citizenship After Orientalism. http://www.oecumene.eu Recent peer reviewed academic publications include: Atluri, Tara. “Is Torture Part of Your Social Network?” The Žižek Media Studies Reader. Ed. Matthew Flisfeder and Louis Paul Willis. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 241-257. “The Prerogative of the Brave: Hijras and sexual citizenship after Orientalism. Citizenship Studies, Volume 16, Numbers 5-6, 1 August 2012 , pp. 721-736(16) Tara Atluri has also worked with various feminist, activist, and arts based organizations transnationally. Dr Atluri worked with the Gasworks Art Gallery in the UK as part of the- Do You remember Olive Morris? Project aimed at remembering the life of Black British feminist and Black Panther Olive Morris. She recently performed at Cabaret Tollé with Studio 303 in Montreal, Canada. Her artistic praxis is often a means of posing political and philosophical questions.


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