Haley Craw


Apostasy in Practice

Haley Craw is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Calgary, Alberta and attending the Alberta College of art and Design. Her practice takes the form of sculpture, installation and the fibre arts. Using elements from the personal and the political, the emotional and intellectual, and the beautiful and abject, her work focuses on deconstructing binaries constructed through ideology and reinforced through society that oppress and simplify female sexuality, agency and choice. Concerned with deconstructing feminine archetypes such as the virgin and the whore, she uses a vocabulary informed from historical Christian art and the feminist practice of using objects from personal life as politically weighted symbols. Her work critiques systems that simplify or objectify women, as well as draw attention to the potency of sexual suppression. The work draws attention to how the oppression of sexuality limits women on a fundamental scale and highlights the damaging construction and maintenance of female purity. Exploring the politics of the body and how that is linked to identity, she references the pure female body that is not sexual, the sexual body that is tainted, fertile to polluted, the systematic confinement of female desire. The feminine used as a symbol of a fertile womb with new life, a battle within herself, a destructive body masking imminent decay.



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