Miranda Fay


Chair Organization/2014

My work shows an obsessive repetitive behaviour as I use my body to perform an action as a way to interact with objects. The process of performing the action provides meaning to the work. I use the medium that makes the most sense and therefore work in a large variety of mediums. My work attempts to regain a sense of self with figuring out how our bodies occupy and alter spaces and objects. The actions I perform in my work are ubiquitous as well as intimate. Currently I am working on projects that investigate societal spaces and the power dynamics of those spaces. I work with objects that have inherent cultural identities within those spaces. I work especially with objects that reflect our priorities within our society. In 999 Less – A Newer Library I work with the books within a library as they reflect our societies priorities of what is import enough to be recorded and what is not. In this project I checked out 999 books from the NSCAD library for two weeks. All the books checked out were solely about a white western male ‘genius’ or ‘masters’ of their time. These male ‘genius’ create a binary where they are the only ones able to create political change. With taking out the male master books I am reclaiming the space of western archive allowing space within the library for the next generation of artist to not be held down by these ‘old masters’ that oppress multiple views of art making.

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