The Street Talk Project


Street harassment and gender-based sexual violence are real concerns for women* inhabiting public spaces in Toronto. Using humour and subversive advertising, The Street Talk Project brings attention to the ways in which public space is navigated differently by different bodies; address how sexism is felt viscerally on a day-to-day basis; promotes solidarity for the safety of women*; and further the belief that we are all responsible for making public spaces accessible and welcoming for all persons. The Street Talk Project addresses our Right to the City as women* and how this right is compromised by street harassment. Seven artists were commissioned to respond to these concerns using street sign iconography and design. The designs were installed in the streetscape of Kensington Market as well as in Whippersnapper Gallery from April 16-23, 2015. The Street Talk Project is a collective of 10 women who came together through the Arts Administration program at Humber College. We believe public art is a great vehicle for discussing the lived experiences of the city and through this project wanted to create a platform through which shared experiences could be presented and discussed.

Artist Website 


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