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Pamela Dodds is a visual artist and printmaker. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, grew up in Toronto, and was transported to the USA as a young teen due to family permutations. She received an Honors B.A. in Fine Arts from Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA. Dodds’s work is represented by Open Studio Printmaking Centre, Toronto and William Busta Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, and has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in galleries, museums and other venues in the USA and Canada. Periodically she has taken preference for exhibiting in public institutions, such as hospitals and community centres for the purpose of bringing her work to an audience who may not choose, or be able, to visit a museum or art gallery. These exhibitions have rewarded her with some of the most insightful, frank, and heartfelt viewer response to the work. Pamela Dodds was a 2014 recipient of the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund grant for Feminist Art. In 2008 she received the generous Individual Support grant from the Gottlieb Foundation, N.Y. She has also received support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Ontario Arts Council, among others. She was the 2008 Nick Novak Fellow and the 2014 Hexagon Fellow at Open Studio, Toronto, and has been granted international residencies, most recently in Spain, England, USA and Québec. Her work has been reviewed in Art New England, The Boston Globe and The Globe and Mail, among others, as well as by lesbian, feminist playwright Carolyn Gage; and has been purchased for public collections such as Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio; Purdue University, Illinois; Boston Public Library, Massachusetts; and is included in the collection of Carleton University, Ottawa and numerous private collections. She is a citizen of both the USA and Canada, and currently lives and works in Toronto.

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