Tianna Fowler

Working through the lens of feminist gaming I create strong female protagonists through the medium of transparent materials. Upon wearing them the transparency creates a duality between the character and the self. The creation of a strong female protagonist is empowering and allows for reclamation of the female form. Each
character is then partnered with a video game that exists online and can be found on my website at www.tiannafowler.com. Videogames are a new media for providing narrative, as a community we must decide to be more critical of the stories we tell and the effect they have. This work was made as a response to Zoe Quinn, GamerGate,
and Anita Sarkeesian and is about feeling empowered by video game play, but also looking at video games as a medium, as well as its fan base with criticality. I’m a multidisciplinary artist who has completed my BFA with a major in Drawing and Painting and a minor in English at OCAD University. I’m a graduate of June 2015 and spent my thesis year exploring the theme of cyber-femininity, and creating work that explores the female protagonist in videogames and motivational speaking for the industry of video games to be looked at more critically.



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