Lana Missen


Feminism(s)/ 2015

Born and raised in Cobourg, Ontario, Lana Missen is a Toronto based visual artist working with photography to explore themes of the body, identity, and female representation. Through portraiture, she aims to create visibility and a space to share her own and others’ stories to a wider audience. A strong believer in the importance of collaboration and community, Missen’s practice is based on engaging with individuals and her viewers. Her current body of work “That F Word” was shown at OCAD University’s 100th Graduate Exhibition this spring, and is a part of the ‘Contact’ photo festival in Toronto in May. She has also displayed works in the juried CLIC Eastern Ontario Photo Show, where she won first place in 2012. She was part of the “Aperture” show at Moniker Gallery in downtown Toronto in 2014. She has an interest in art education and, outside of her fine art practice, Lana enjoys documenting performances of live theatre, dancers, and musicians. Lana Missen graduates this year from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a minor in English.

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