Hope Wells

HopeWellsSolastalgiaWoocutAcrylicWoolSilkOnWood12in13in2015 150dpi


Hope Wells is an independent academic, researcher and artist with affiliation to the Art and Design Department and the Engineering faculty at the University of Alberta, Canada. She has written and created artwork on the phenomenological experience of the Canadian landscape, the experience of environmental damage, the creation of identity in the work of Egon Schiele, and abstract theory. Currently, her work is exploring the intersection between female phenomenological perspective of physical diseases, mental health and nature that relates to the environmental damage in northern Alberta. Through photographic documentation of northern Alberta landscape, ecological qualitative analysis reports, landscape theory, Ecofeminist theory, collected ecological traditional knowledge and the origins of the materials used in the artwork. Hope creates ‘portrait landscapes’ that expresses thoughts and emotions of otherness. The otherness that Hope alludes to is similar to what Karn Warren in Ecofeminist Philosophy: A Western Perspective on What it is and Why it Matters, defines as: “… [an] unjustifiable dominated groups as “Others” both “humans Others” (such as women, people of color, children and the poor) and “earth Others” (such as animals, forests, the land). The reference to “Others” is intended to highlight the status of those subordinate groups in unjustifiable relationships and systems of domination and subordination.” “A portrait landscape” maps the relations and intersection where the time tracks nature’s deterioration to a place of otherness, while the space of systems threads all three together.

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