Aldeli Albán Reyna

Aldeli Albán Reyna is a young afro-Peruvian and mestiza writer, poet and storyteller from Montréal. An artist with a natural talent for using language to bring stores to life couple with an ability to transform her lived experiences, using English and Spanish narratives. She holds an HBA in Women & Gender Studies, Spanish and Italian from the University of Toronto. Her passion for activism, equity and learning stems from a long history of community engagement work, life experiences and a desire for social change. She is YWCA Canada’s Project & Research Coordinator working on advocacy issues, gender-based violence research, Indigenous and non-indigenous reconciliation work, youth projects and Spanish-speaking initiatives. Aldeli is also involved in community organizing through MUJER, an organization that promotes the rights and freedom of Latin American women, as a board member. She is the Outreach Coordinator for the Feminist Art Conference and has moderated panels like Black Exoticism: Fetishization of black female body. Aldeli is also a Steering Committee Member for the 4Rs Youth Movement.

Artist Website


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