Body Monologues

Body Monologues started with an insight on a yoga mat – an insight into the abuse that many of us inflect upon ourselves physically and emotionally, often with little awareness of the damaging effects. This abuse comes in many forms (e.g., pushing through pain, stress, and negative self-talk). We use the word “abuse” intentional to emphasize the severity with which we see this behavior . Body Monologues is about transcending self-abuse, self-hate, and any form of negative self-image and moving toward self-love and self-acceptance. Body Monologues manifests as an on-stage performance of people sharing stories about their experiences in their bodies, through spoken word, drama, poetry, comedy, song, dance, art, yoga… The stories are compelling, witty, insightful, uncomfortable, inspiring, and provocative. Many stories have been shared over the past 2 years since Body Monologues started. Stories of body image, suicide, Crohn’s Disease, cancer, sex, pregnancy, birth, abortion, cervical incompetence, breast reduction, body weight, nipples, stretch marks, sexuality, scars, cutting, bullying… and many amazing new stories continue to come our way. The effect of Body Monologues is multifaceted. Presenters express a sense of growth after sharing, people in the audience experience a sense of growth after hearing, and friends, partners, and strangers experience a sense of growth as a result of the conversations that ensue. And a community grows.



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