04 ARTIFACTS Patterson Pentimenti

Feminist Architectures 

This show uses the work of three artists (two working in collaboration) in photo-based work (ARTIFACTS) and mixed media abstract drawing (Reynolds) to explore the presence/absence of women as contemporary site (sight) and [insert feminism] explores the work of young contemporary  artists as they reach for strategies to define their experiences within feminism .

Wall works by New York artist Adrienne Reynolds and Toronto-based ARTIFACTS (Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee) explore imagery which defines how, and engages with, the limitations and potentials of feminist theoretical and architectural space. They articulate imagery through vectors of activity and/or, as bodies contained by/in structures. The work is critiqued and reframed by academic and cultural critic Dina Georgis. This critique (presented in the opening panel on Wednesday Sept 23) will stimulate discussion and affect how the work will be re-presented in future exhibitions.

ARTIFACTS (Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee) & Adrienne Reynolds

Artscape Youngplace

2nd floor Hallway Gallery

Opening Reception:  Wednesday Sept 23, 6.30 pm with Panel at 7 pm 

Exhibit Dates: Sept. 16 – 27 2015

Leena Raudvee

Pam Patterson

Adrienne Reynolds

Dina Georgis

insert feminism 1

[insert feminism]

Curator: Julia Pereira

The online intersectional feminist movement frequented by young artists is filled with uplifting propaganda complete with pastel color palettes, sparkles, transparent backgrounds and pretty girls of all sizes and skin colors telling the people to “Fight like a girl” and “No does not mean convince me.” This differs from the more established theory based artworks that frequent galleries in that these art pieces are meant to cater to young people and make the complicated ideas of feminism easier to digest. The goal is to get people excited: about body positivity, different races, genders, sexualities and being kinder to yourself. It is about being inclusive and making people unafraid of the word feminist. When examining the artworks, you can easily see these underlying messages the artists have consciously put behind the pastel colors and sparkles. It’s important to recognize the things closest to the hearts of teenagers and young adults because it is sometimes the first kind of feminism young people experience, and they will be the critical thinkers that will dominate the discussion in the future. Insert Feminism is an online exhibit created by Julia Pereira and is designed to showcase this positive and supportive space for emerging feminist thinkers.

Online at:

Artscape Youngplace

1nd floor Hallway (video monitor)

Opening Reception:  Wednesday Sept 23, 6.30 pm 

Exhibit Dates: September 16 –27

image-0001 (5)

Girls Art League Presents: GAL PALS

Artscape Youngplace

Vitrines on 1st Floor

Exhibit Dates: September 16-27 


Student Talia Marcheggiani with her Frida Kahlo silkscreen she created in a workshop led by artist Mary Tremonte


Mixed media piece by student Joanna Pitsounis, created in workshop led by artist Carolyn Beattie based on the work of Wagnechi Mutu


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