Alize Zorlutuna

1.Crawl_Altes Museum


Alize Zorlutuna is a queer Turkish-Canadian artist and writer who employs a diverse range of media in her practice. Working in sculpture, performance, audio and video, her work draws upon her experience as an individual living between cultures. As a diasporic subject, she inhabits a porous and unstable space—one that is characterized by the simultaneous negotiation of multiple perspectives. This embodied liminality informs her creative practice, manifesting in explorations of interstices. Inhabiting the space between, interstices are not static, but open to processes of negotiation and the possibility of transformation. This interstitial space is unstable, and constantly in flux. Activating interstices is a strategy Zorlutuna employs in her cultural production as a means to critique dominant narratives (institutional structures, colonialism, history, patriarchy etc.) without reinforcing stereotypes, oversimplifications, and cultural bifurcations. To approach an interstice is to be positioned on a precipice, where notions of stability are called into question, and the dissolution of what one perceives to be internally consistent is at risk. She deploys art’s capacity to unsettle, to move. Her art challenges the boundaries that exist between viewers and larger structures, and encourages the possibility of shifting our inner landscapes.

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