Wensi Li

Wensi Li


I was born in a Chinese calligrapher’s family in Yichang City Hubei Province, and admitted to study Art & Design in Arts Department in Renmin University of China in 2006. After graduating, I have worked for Crystal CG, one of the biggest media company as pre-planer and graphic designer since 2010. In 2014, I began to pursue my master degree in OCAD U (Toronto). Due to the keen interest in Chinese traditional art, I made a lot of works including illustration, painting and installation integrating Chinese traditional art with western design elements. My works reflect the contemporary young females’ living outlook and values under consumerism. I hope to spread Chinese traditional female’s wisdom and help current young females to introspect their consumption concept and values through my work.

My work has been displayed in various exhibitions in Beijing and Toronto. My art and design has won many awards including the Golden Prize and Best Promotion Prize in the third session of the Energy-Saving Emission Reduction Poster Design Competition. And I was invited by China Publishing Group in Beijing with 100 cartoonists for their 60th anniversary celebration event in China.

My personal website is www.wenzi.ca, please check more work on my website.


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