Soraya Torres

Soraya Torres


Soraya Torres is a visual artist and a mother of three children, who resides in Toronto, Canada.

Having grown up among a vibrant family of hippies and artists, Soraya’s sensibilities were formed long before she realized it. Her earliest influence occurred while on a trip to visit her Uncle in her parent’s homeland of Ecuador at the age of six. While visiting her Uncle, she went into his drawer of recent sketches and remembers being mesmerized by the subject matter. His sketches consisted of naked women fighting demons or dragons. They had a darkness and beauty to them that mesmerized Soraya. The sketches stayed engraved in her mind and formed her early fascination with the power of women.

Ten years ago, Soraya was living in Montréal, Québec. There she was introduced to Tole painting, a decorative folk art of painting on tin, wood, furniture or objects. She quickly learned the techniques and fell in love with the decorative use of colour and acrylic paint. From here, she made an independent study of the colour process and dedicated herself to mastering acrylic painting.

Five years later Soraya moved to Barrie, Ontario where she embarked on the next chapter of her life and the next step on her creative path. She started working as a tattoo artist at, “The Red Koi” where she was exposed to many talented artists with distinctive styles. This is where Soraya started to come into her own style, find her focus and to master her newfound craft.  She fell in love with ‘new school pin up girls’ and immersed herself in creatively expressing their beauty through decorative, detailed and highly graphical compositions.

Soraya’s interpretation of the graphic “new school pin up girls’ genre is unique and masterfully executed.  Her compositions reflect her many influences and her subject matter captures the early impression her Uncle’s art made on her as a young girl. Her compositions are larger than life, boldly expressing strength, sensuality and beauty. They reflect her passion for exotic and beautiful things, the strength and sensuality she sees in women and her vibrant design sensibilities.


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