Rakhi Mutta



Born to social activist parents of Indian descent, Rakhi Mutta was born and raised in the vibrant multicultural city of Toronto, Canada where she currently works and resides. At a young age, Rakhi’s recognition of her curious mind led to her to continuously challenge societal norms. Working in community development for over 14 years locally and globally such as in India, Nepal, Kenya, Brazil, and Colombia, Rakhi developed a unique lens on the importance of traditions and storytelling. She has also worked with high risk communities such as; Dalits, Dalit Panthers, Displaced People, Child Soldiers and Victims of Violence.

Rakhi’s global work led to the creation of an International non-profit organization called Kahaniya, which literally means ‘stories,’ Sisters Sharing Stories. Kahaniya focuses on providing tools of documentation for communities whose combined lived experiences are often actively ignored by mass media. As an artist, Rakhi has found photography and film as an opportunity to highlight many different issues across the globe, in particular women’s rights and youth issues. Being a recipient of Community Leadership by Sheridan College; recognition in national magazines such as Elle Canada for her work with Kahaniya; Sisters Sharing Stories, Rakhi takes pride in telling untold stories and empowering those most marginalized. As an artist, currently Rakhi is focused on her photography, film production and videography to further the messages and stories of those around her.


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