Maureen Da Silva


Maureen Da Silva is a Toronto-based printmaker specializing in silk screen and lithography. She has taken her love of print into the founding of the not-for-profit artist group The inPrint Collective, of which she is the Managing Director. Through the inPrint Collective, Maureen has been proud to showcase work in Scotiabank NuitBlanche (2012), Printopolis (2010), Culture Days (2010-2014) and across the GTA as well as engage in a number of community-based projects with partners such as The Scarborough Museum. A 2008 graduate of York University’s B.F.A program, Maureen has also completed her Master’s of Arts at the University of Toronto (2009), as well as her Certificate in Museum Studies from the Ontario Museum Association (2013). Her research in her Women and Gender Studies Master’s program focused on inclusive politics within feminist art collectives, an interest which brought Maureen into the Feminist Art Conference committee. Her own practice in feminism and printmaking, as well as the artistic wealth of her print community has inspired Maureen to (hopefully) a lifetime of creativity.


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