Giselle Noelle Morgan



I am a twenty year-old girl, and as long as I can remember, society has told me to “be a lady: keep your emotions, blood, and angst to yourself.” I’ve experienced what it means to be an adolescent woman and that’s why I choose to photograph girlhood. My photography recalls my personal representation of being a teenage girl as well as young adult and how everything I didn’t want to be visible was visible whether it was acne or menstrual blood, and the things I’d prefer to be seen, like my daring dreams, beauty, or sexual organs remained hidden inside. My photographs demonstrates what it’s like in the mind of a twenty year-old girl; the inner dialogue in the early morning, the heartbreak after a perfect drive ends, the deconstruction of childhood, and the constant change of personality, diet, and feelings. I use the internet to showcase my art and has picked up by such zines and collectives as Bitchtopia, Cherry Mag, Girls Get Busy, Good Good Girl, and Strawberry Jam. All of my work is archived on my blog:


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