Anne O’Callaghan



Here There No Where (2013)


Anne O’Callaghan is an artist, writer and Independent Curator. In over thirty years of exhibiting, O’Callaghan has sought to navigate the territory of the human condition and its transformative potential with a body of work that incorporates a wide range of media, including installation, sculptures, photography and text. A reservoir of possible meanings that can unravel many discursive journeys.

            “Just as meridians trace connections, my aim is to blur the boundary between
the personal and the broader society by exploring, and using art to subvert the tendencies towards isolationism and reductionism.”

Her practice extends from photo-based work to site-specific sculpture. Selected installation work includes: The Tree Museum (1998-99); The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Ontario (Public Art Project 2001-2003); An Artist Garden, Visual Arts, York Quay Centre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario. (2003 to present); Kiwi Gardens, Perth, Ontario. (2008); Halliburton Forest Reserve (2010, Ontario). Selected exhibitions include: Redhead Gallery, Toronto (2004, 2006); The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (2002, 2004, 2007); Oeno Gallery (2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012); Visual Arts York Quay Gallery at Harbourfront Centre Toronto (2007).

“My recent body of work; Location, Dislocation, (2014-video- ISEA, Dubai),
erasure (2014video- Nuit Blanche, Toronto), just never enough (2014-installation
-Art Spin Toronto)
examines how we as artists can effectively communicates our
political and social concerns, by exploring the human condition through thoughtful
and critical expression.”

As well as a practicing artist O’Callaghan has an active curatorial practice. She is a founding member of The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst, Ontario, and a founding member of ‘the intersperse curatorial collective’. Born in Ireland, O’Callaghan lives and works in Toronto, Ontario





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