Nigit’stil Norbert


Nigit’stil Norbert is a photo-based artist originally from and based out of Yellowknife, NT. She has exhibited in Canada and the US, and in June 2012 completed her BFA in Photography at the Ontario College of Art & Design University in Toronto, ON. Norbert is interested in making new traditions, where the old meets the new and contemporary. Her most recent explorations have involved stop-motion photography, unique beaded photographs, and installation-based works. Norbert’s art practice focuses on the historical and contemporary representation of Aboriginal peoples in
Canada. Along with her extensive research regimen her art explores ideas of representation and misrepresentation, the role of the museum in the Aboriginal art scene, and stereotypes. By employing such practices she leads her viewer to fresh and new insights into the world of the young contemporary Aboriginal art scene that is exploding across our great country. Within her art she likes to speak simply, honestly and without fear.

What do you hope to accomplish during the residency?

During the FAC residency I will be focusing on a variety of seemingly unconnected themes and ideas, working towards a layered and immersive installation experience. One theme involves night – night covers, changes color and light quality, and hides what can normally be seen in the day. Much of my roots in photography were inspired by the night, not for what it hid, but for what it revealed about space and the self…the stillness revealed chaos to me. With this starting point in mind I  will research, investigate and photograph nature and environmental elements on Toronto Island at night/evenings and create a stop-motion photographic video that will have elements of story telling through the use of pasteup’s which originate in street art and graffiti (Only all natural and biodegradable papers and glues will be used and will be removed, unless otherwise indicated by artist or FAC. Only used for creation of video and photographs.) The story line will follow an Indigenous girl/woman through struggles, realities, dreams and fears as she rediscovers her matriarchal lineage, history, culture and possible future paths. Other elements of the time spent at the residency will be used to sew and create resin bead structures/sculptures, the creation of analogue-born photographs and a hanging nail sculpture – all coming together to create an immersive installation piece. 


Find out more about Nigit’stil by clicking below:



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