Maria Richardson



I completed my Diploma of Visual Art with Distinction at the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE in Queensland, Australia majoring in sculpture in 2007.  I have participated in group exhibitions in Australia, the US and Italy, ephemeral and permanent public art projects and produced three solo exhibitions. My work is found in private and public collections and focuses on social issues, the human condition and the individual’s relationship to society from a feminine and feminist standpoint. It questions stereotypes and challenges societal assumptions. Wordplay and humour are integral elements in my work. As the eldest of six children, my sculptural leanings stem from childhood observations of my mother satisfying her creative urges with bits and pieces from the “useful box” and encouraging her children to do the same. The limited materials on offer facilitated a fascination with using objects and materials in non-traditional ways such as my utilisation of  abrasive blasting acrylic sheet and found object sculpture.


What do you hope to accomplish during the residency?

During my time participating in this residency I hope to exchange ideas with and learn from women from different cultural backgrounds and artistic disciplines. I am also interested in discovering about how closely paralleled the plights of the Canadian and Australian Indigenous Peoples are. I believe I will receive valuable input and mentoring while at the residency and am hoping this will be a priceless resource for me to draw from well into the future. The preferred subject matter to focus my work on is the hypersexualisation of women and girls and the hypermasculinisation of men and boys. I want to produce some small scale sculptural work within this framework with the view to making larger pieces from the concepts when I return home.


Find out more about Maria Richardson’s work click here!




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