Kelly McInnes


Kelly McInnes is a Vancouver based performance artist. As graduate of the Modus Operandi contemporary dance program, Kelly has also completed study scholarships at Edam dance and the Training Society of Vancouver’s Working Class. Since graduating, Kelly has danced in projects for Metal Dog, Out Innerspace Dance Theatre, the 605 collective, Daina Ashbee, battery opera, Jacinte Armstrong, Anne Cooper and Crystal Pite. She has apprenticed for Sara Coffin, Justine Chambers, Mascall Dance, MACHiNENOiSY and Restless Productions. Kelly is also an emerging choreographer who has presented her work at Art for Impact, BC Buds Arts Festival, Dances for a Small Stage, Bloom, Emily Carr, Merge, HopBopShop and ArtSwells (Vancouver), Dance: Made in Canada (Toronto), La Bodega & Casa de la Cultura (Mexico). She has participated in several collaborative creation projects such as the Cultch’s Ignite! under the mentorship of Noam Gagnon, Susan Elliot and Tara Cheyenne Friedenbeurg, as well as the Contemporary Art Gallerie’s Intensive under the mentorship of Justine Chambers, Delia Brett, Brendan Fernandes, Shaun Dacey and Daelik. Kelly has recently received a grant from the BC Arts Council to do a ten-month mentorship with Vancouver based artist Claire French and is currently working on various projects within this time.

What do you hope to accomplish during the residency?

During the residency I plan to create a durational installation incorporating live performance and sculpture which addresses woman’s prescribed beauty, media representation and language. I will use beauty magazines, men’s magazines, newspaper clippings and beauty products to mask, deform, cover and inhibit the body. I plan to create mundane poetry from the text of these publications to comment on the repetitive, degrading, objectifying language used for women in media. I’m exploring the continuous practice of shedding these masks to empower ourselves.

Find out more about Kelly, here!



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