Salomeh Ahmadi

-5Salomeh Ahmadi, through contemporary photography, explores images of Muslim women who wear the hijab. An Arabic term for ‘veil,’ which recreates how we both hide and reveal identities made by us and those around us. The images juxtapose stereotypes against the aesthetics of openness; a woman in relation to her environment giving the subjects qualities of being free. Some themes she explores are: identity, culture, belonging, perception, marginalized groups and stereotypes in order to elevate messages of empowered identity while deconstructing stereotypes. This project looks closely at the intersection of religion, power and stereotypes, and about the ways in which reality is constructed between the surface and the inner reality. As a female artist there is an underrepresentation of Muslim female models in contemporary art. As an artist she demonstrate the ways in which womyn are actively involved in producing identities that cut across cultural spheres and involve complex struggles over different modes of being. She looks at how participants and observers construct and transform through the images. She creates another medium for the messages of her Muslim friends, one that resists and critiques the status quo. It is a journey through the various curtains or veils of reality, to meditate on the many meanings of reality.

To explore Ahmadi’s work click here:


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