Rose-Ann Marie Bailey

-22Rose-Ann Marie Bailey (1971) Jamaican born artist began using photography as a medium to document alternative images of Black people than that offered by the mainstream media. Toronto-based photographer, Bailey is a graduate of York University where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and Education degrees. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education at York University, with a focus on community arts-based community health research. Bailey interprets her personal observations of her subject’s body image, sexuality, and vulnerability through a post-colonial, identity and health equity lens. Her discursive and figural production on the visual representation for non-conforming sexual and gender identities emotionally interrupts the media’s narrow assumptions about Black men and women’s personhood. As an accomplished photographer and artist, Rose-Ann has been working in a digital format for the past 10 years, but instills the esthetics of a historical photographic foundation to enhance the final production. Her work is closely connected to her passion for image production of Black bodies, as this was her deliberate opportunity to capture memories, validate existence and build self-esteem, allowing her images of her subjects to become a political instrument- rewriting representation.


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