Olivia Plummer


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Olivia Plummer (b. 1987) dovetails her art practice around the notion of embodiment, physical ideals, and emotional/physical trauma. In a number of her photographic series she explores pain, surgery, body ideals. More recently she examines emotional separation from her AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics) that support her physically. Olivia’s personal story is unique in the fact that she is a native North American, grew up in Toronto and struggled with the trauma of ten plus surgeries to physically reshape her body.

Entering into the establishment of OCAD University has given Olivia the freedom and rights to explore her life story as a physically disabled woman. By sharing her work to an abled-bodied public by shedding a spotlight on differently-abled public. Olivia’s walking disability used to be a source of embarrassment for her but now through creative exploration her perspective has shifted and the “disability” she once felt burdened by has changed into a “different ability” and become a beacon of inspiration for her artwork. As well as the portraying the minority of differently-abled people, Olivia has worked mutually with homeless youth and adults in Toronto in a documentary style series to state age-old political agendas that have fallen by the way side.

Working in a multitude of mediums Olivia can be qualified as a multi-disciplinary artist, using photography, performance art, sculpture and site specific instillation as avenues to showcase her work.

To see Plummer’s work click here: www.flickr.com/oliviaplummer


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