Olivia Appiah-Kubi



12Appiah-Kubi_Janus2Olivia Appiah-Kubi is an emerging artist and Post-grad student working mostly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But living in Brampton. The core theme of her work is essentially the relationship within the White person and the Subject of colour. her use of wording for the second part makes it ambiguous citing her exploration of Ethnic subjectivity. Her different bodies of work don’t strive to answer that question, but rather to ask it in different ways. She is interested in Jungian Psychology, particularly of how the collective unconscious was a reservoir of all the experience and knowledge of the human species. She juxtapositions that with relationships within nature, Escapism in the public sphere, and a physical or spiritual, ontological wound that only the body remembers. Since 2012, Olivia’s practice has becoming more diverse and includes painting, installation, photography, video, performance and set design. she has a strong interest in experimenting with materials.

Olivia was born in Toronto and lived with her Large group of family (including relatives) in a single house in Mississauga. As she grew, the community of relatives started to drift to other places including her father who left his young wife and 3 kids. She soon remarried and moved to Brampton, Ontario, Canada at a young age where the young Olivia spent most of her life to this date. Olivia would described herself as an introverted and solitary child, saying that she was most happy when she was left alone to his thoughts. She always thought that she was at a constant war with her body and mind; from eating disorders, to sexual maturity, to creating immense worlds in which she can only access. After completing courses from Sheridan and Humber College in Journalism, Health studies and Visual and Digital arts. She enrolled at the Ontario College of Art & Design in hopes of seeking and being taught in a more challenging artistic environment. Currently she is acquiring her BFA in for Sculpture and Installation, (a long, long process she notes.)


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