Nikki White FAC 2014

-19As a feminist artist, I am interested in blurring the lines between what is considered empowerment and what is subordinate through captivating and sometimes dark imagery. My work prompts viewers to grapple with ideas of identity, desire, and self- creation while it also considers the criticality of youth. Often erratic and raw, my work addresses the adolescent portrayal of the self by exploring profound emotions and building outward facades. In an attempt to hold on to past experiences, both good and bad, I fetishize them in my work, in turn creating a mediated memory. My construction of memory begins to form by choosing to photograph select times in my life and specific moments of personal experience. These photos in turn create a string of memories mediated by the medium. My photographs influence my paintings by being tangible indexical objects documenting time. Once these memories are translated into paintings I allow them to enter the realm of the unreal and fantastical. Affectations of this kind function as a subtext in my work since they highlight the artificiality of painting (it is, indeed, at a remove from the immediate realism of a photograph), while also enabling my freedom to inject the work with more symbolic meaning. Subsequently, the images are more loaded than they were in their original incarnation – when they were simply photographs – because they have begun to take on the potent, and more loaded, possibilities that only oil paint will afford.

To view more of White’s work click here:


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