Niki-D’Amore, Julia-Li


Niki D’Amore lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is an ABD PhD candidate in the department of Social and Political Thought at York University. Her written work has been published in the Radical Philosophy Review and in Filozofski Vestnik. Her creative work has shown at various events and academic conferences in Canada and the United States. She is presently exploring dissociation in eating disorder with the supervisory support of Paul Antze, Shannon Bell and Meg Luxton.

Julia Li lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. Her photographic work has been featured in the Art Exhibits of Toronto Public Library. Additionally, a collection created of her collaboration with Niki D’Amore, titled How to Depict Dissociation in Eating Disorder, was featured in the Politics of Play, Graduate Research Symposium Art Exhibit (2013). Julia’s subject matter ranges widely from candid documentaries to artistic creations. She captures and explores the relationships among people, environments, and communities. Her work also connects and reflects individuals’ experiences and emotions.

To view images from their project click below:


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