Michelle Gauthier

-16My name is Michelle Gauthier, I’m 21 years old, and I’m currently attending the Ontario Collage of Art and Design (OCADU) for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Criticism & Curatorial Practices. I believe that the work I am submitting for the FAC Toronto 2014 event fits with the Call for Submissions because I am a firm believer in embracing sexuality, gender, and the body as a whole. I feel very strongly about fighting trans- phobia, racism, and for protecting reproductive rights. With my work I hope to provoke and intrigue view- ers. I strive to promote self-love, to embrace femininity and individuality, and to show that there is no cause for shame when it comes to what is natural. I have taken mediums like cross stitching (which have been primarily thought of as a conservative feminine craft) to depict things which are very expressive and opinionated. I try to create a strong juxtapo- sition of form and content, and I hope that it will help the viewer to question society’s opinions and norms about these subjects. Just like every person and body, none of my works are exactly alike.

To explore Gauthier’s work click below:



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