Limitless Productions

-14Limitless Productions presents dance and theatre excerpts from an upcoming production called ‘Sita’s Rising’. The ‘Sita’s Rising’ project is based on the mythological tale of a queen who was asked to prove her innocence over and over again after she was kidnapped. One part of the story mentions Sita having to walk through fire to prove her innocence. In India, this story is often used as way to prove the innocence of many women. Real life injustices to women such as kitchen burning or the treatment of widows (as untouchables) have often been justified and rationalized because of this old mythological story about Sita. Sita was wrongly accused as many women around the world are for acts that are caused by other people. Thus, women carry the shame and guilt of doing something wrong and often don’t speak up about it out of fear that they will be re-victimized. ‘Sita’ represents every woman who has felt injustice but is too afraid to speak up due to being wrongly accused. SHE also represents women who for centuries have played a role to fit the norm out of fear of not being accepted. Limitless breaks down the barriers and showcases new indo-contemporary works that tackle some of these systemic issues. Choreographed by Artistic Director and Social Dance Activist Ashima Suri ( , Limitless is proud to use dance and theatre to tackle social issues effecting women across the world and we would be proud to present this work at FAC in 2014.

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