Jade Lee Hoy

Jade Lee Hoy is a creator of worlds, using space design to create experiential environments. Space design borrows upon the concept of set design, taking it to different and at times unconventional environments. Utilizing her strong design aesthetic, Jade transforms industrial and institutional spaces into safe and engaging community spaces. Her spaces can be immersive, creating a mood and an experience that sets the tone for the activity, event or performance in the space. Past projects include: Aneemah’s Spot (SummerWorks), Wombmanifesto: The Rebirth (Manifesto Festival), Strange Sisters (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre), I say this as a gift (Rhubarb Festival), Artist Lounge and Pathways to Education Office (Daniel Spectrum, Artscape Building), RAWLUCK Launch Event, and Ian Kamau’s Album Release Party. She is also active in fashion through her vintage clothing line Hilary & Denise, and has experience working in video and photo set design.
With a joint honours BA in International Development and Cultural Studies Jade is also a community arts organizer, passionate about motivating through the arts and collaborating with others in innovative ways. She has lived in 4 countries and has worn many hats from working with elephants as a Mahout to teaching environmental literacy on a sailing barge in Thailand. As Manifesto’s Internship and Outreach Director, she launched the School of Community and Culture’s youth internship program which housed 23 youth interns from diverse backgrounds in its first year. She has built partnerships such as the (Hot) Doc Accelerator program, which engaged 60 young film makers across Ontario, as well as with UNAC, TCHC and Ryerson University. Jade worked as an apprentice with City of Toronto’s Art Services building skills in program development and planning. In her capacity with the city, Jade utilized her outreach expertise, engaging young people from Scarborough in a series of consultations.
You can read more about Jade Lee Hoy here:

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