-28Gilda Monreal is an international award winning visual artist, actress, filmmaker, and writer. She is Co-Director of the Essencia Arts Collective, who believes that art can be a tool for social change and community empowerment. Born and raised in Canada to Chilean immigrants, who left their country during the Pinochet military dictatorship, Gilda grew up questioning and valuing the significance of human rights. Her artistic vision is a social one that questions and celebrates the beauty, dignity and perseverance of those who have, or continue to, overcome adversity and oppression- whether human, animal or nature.

In visual arts, her chosen mediums of expression include painting, murals, video and installation. As a filmmaker, she directed the documentary “The Wall That Speaks”, produced by the NFB, National Film Board of Canada. She also co-wrote, co-produced and acted in the film COLD, which has gone on to win two international “Best Picture” awards. Her work has been produced in Canada, USA, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, France and Senegal.

To explore Fiya’s work click here:


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