Carol Mark

-27I never thought I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women in their lifetime. Breast cancer is glamorized into a disease that is pre-packaged pretty in pink and does not affect the physical suffering of the woman and the psychological impact on the family. My challenges of breast cancer are of self-image and what it means to be a woman by choosing a mastectomy rather than a lumpectomy. Inspired by Christian triptyk altar pieces, I have brought my story of suffering and triumph to be shared as a point to dialogue for challenges faced by women with breast cancer and to create change. I was prescribed Tamoxifen for hormone positive breast cancer based on a recent research for a 10 year treatment cycle. There is no regulation to test women in Canada if they can metabolize Tamoxifen to be effective. 20% of women are unable to metabolize Tamoxifen and will die because Tamoxifen will not be in a useable form for the body to utilize. This is my story seen by my eyes, my husband and my daughter of 2026 days. A call to action to have women on Tamoxifen to be tested for metabolization before they are prescribed medication to save their life. Sign petition

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