Anne Bluethenthal ABD Prodcutions

-2I am a lifelong teacher, artist, and activist who has consistently articulated a philosophy rooted in the anti-racist, intersectional dialogue championed by FAC. Strongly woman-identified, my work is culturally expansive and inclusive, reflecting a feminist dance aesthetic that disrupts established hierarchies, and honors and reclaims both sacred and profane, high and low, collective and individual, formal and ordinary. Founder and Artistic Director of ABD Productions, I am a middle-aged Jewish lesbian who grew up as the daughter of civil rights activists in the U.S. South. My passion and commitment is to create a language of movement that expands western dance idioms while tackling complex subjects such as gender-based violence, Palestine- Israel, globalization, the environment, and genocide. I have made hundreds of choreographies rooted in social justice concerns. In Using the Song, (2006) I collaborated with the Rwandan organization, WE-ACTx, incorporating stories of female survivors of sexual violence, and culminating in a healing ritual with both American performers and Rwandan women. Working with San Francisco-based Oasis for Girls on Cariño: Economy of the Heart, (2008) the piece proffered a gift economy that values people for their care-based contributions to the world; the girls created original pieces and performed on stage with the professional dancers. Each project I undertake now involves a multifarious group of artists and collaborators, fostering the communities that engender revolutionary change. I create partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally to bring attention to issues, inspire activism, and inject the possibility of transformation and beauty into even the most difficult subjects.

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