Adriana Disman

-FJty5870ra0jgFL5JMzKidmP-ocvPoWHnk4i7eAZx0,aLWBzu9-OZi1Jqesa2-ikl0CB4mHemz6uX-rr428tLgPhoto by: Le Petit Russe

Adriana Disman is a performance art maker, thinker, and curator based between Toronto and Montreal. Her axis of creation is always the body. She is interested in durational, participatory, and one-to-one performance. Disman is interested in the threshold of vulnerability as a catalyst for intimacy and intimacy as a catalyst for transformation. To this end, she often generates performance structures that facilitate intimate exchange with an outcome that is unknown and determined by the participant. Her performance and curatorial interests intersect with her research in Performance Studies, Critical Race and Queer Feminisms. Disman is currently pursuing her M.A. in York University’s Theatre and Performance Studies Program and is editorial assistant at the Canadian Theatre Review. She is the curator of LINK & PIN, a performance art series based out of hub 14 in Toronto. Disman also sits on the board of directors for The School of Making Thinking, an experimental college and artists’ residency located in the Catskills, NY. She is a graduate of The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre (NYC).

To read more about Disman’s work click here:


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