The FAC 2014 Conference

March 2nd Install show at Beaver Hall – Artist drop off work between 11 am and 12 pm 29 McCaul Street Toronto Ontario http://beaverhallgallery.blogspot.ca/ Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.57.47 PM March 3rd – March 8th Show runs at Beaver Hall Gallery 12-6 pm daily.

March 6th 7:00-11:00 Opening reception at Beaver Hall Gallery with performances.

Facebook Event Here


With performances from the WordSpell Spoken Word Series, Featuring: Mahlikah Awe:ri, Nicole Brewer and Ify Chiwetelu
-1                        Mahlikah, Awe:ri,
A feminist stand up comedy troupe: Catherine McCormick, Danz Altvater, and Jess Beaulieu, and a Musical performance by Caroline Martin-Rowe
Film Screening Night March 7th OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – you do not need to be registered to attend this event.
6:00 – 10:30 at OCAD University Room 109
Opening remarks by Christine Bovis-Cnossen VP Academic OCAD University
Screening of CENSORIOUS! with Q and A with the film makers 2.Censorious! stills
CENSORIOUS! Director: Carol Jacobsen Co-Producers: Carol Jacobsen, Shaun Bangert, Marilyn Zimmerman 30 min. 2005 Censorious is a funny, provocative, feminist overview of the culture wars in the U.S., narrated by artists Carolee Schneemann, Martha Wilson, Holly Hughes, Renee Cox and others who fought major battles for their politically charged works. The film spans the decades from the early 1970s to recent years. Censored works in painting, sculpture, video, photography, installation and performance art punctuate the documentary. The screening will include a Q and A with the filmmakers and a discussion with audience on issues raised in the film.
Followed by MISS REPRESENTATIONIn Partnership with OCADU Student Union http://film.missrepresentation.org/ miss_rep
Moderated by the Youth Outreach Coordinator of FAC – Aldeli Alban Reyna- Programs and Projects Coordinator of the YWCA Canada
Panelists: Tracey Haynes, Karen Walton, Jennifer Hollett, Ramya Jeggatheesan, Kay Armatage
March 8th 10:00  – 11:30 am – View Art at Beaver Hall Gallery
The following events will take place at OCAD University at 100 McCaul in the main building: http://www.ocadu.ca/about_ocad/overview/maps.htm
12:00 – 1:00 Opening Remarks and Prayer by Aboriginal Artist in Residence Duke Redbird  
Keynote by d’bi young http://dbi333.com/ d’bi. is an internationally celebrated African-Jamaican-Canadian dubpoet, monodramatist and educator. She is the published author of two collections of poetry, eight plays, two dubpoetry albums, and The Sankofa Trilogy. d’bi. is the recipient of two Dora Mavor Moore Awards, the K.M. Hunter Theatre Award, Toronto Mayor’s Arts Council Award, the Women of Resilience Award and The Canadian Poet of Honor Award. She is the Artistic Director of YEMOYA International Artist Residency and the originator of the personal development methodology called SORPLUSI.

d'bi masai warior princess by wade hudson high res

1:00  – 2:15 First panels – FAC Artist Panels Representing the 2014 Exhibition and Call for Submissions

-26Teresa Ascencao

Sum of All our Parts – An Exploration of Body Politics and Language – Moderator Natalie Waldburger

Teresa Ascencao

Shellie Zhang

Joan Wilson

Agnieszka Foltyn

Kara Stone

Miranda Fay

2. Health Image and Feminism – How Our Well Being is Affected by Patriarchy – Moderated by Lynne Heller

Carol Mark

Niki D’Amore

Julia Li

Devon Scoble

Limitless Prodcutions

Jen Lewis

3. Division of Labour Gendered Tasks and Expectations – Moderated by Bh Yael 

Danya Buonastella & Nina Gilmour

Elaine Stewart

Descanon Cook

Michelle Gautier

Zoe Heyn-Jones and Mary Grisey

Rebecca Singh

4. Transcending Boundaries – Standing Out and Taking Up Space – Moderated by Wendy Coburn

Lynx Sainte-Marie

Jess Beaulieu

Catherine McCormick

Danz Altvater

Team PsXXYborg

Rose Ann Bailey

5. Intersectionality – Collaboration, Cooperation, Community – Aldeli Alban Reyna

Rema Tavares

Salomeh Ahmadi

Morgan M. Page

Ananda Gabo

Shelby Lisk

2:30 – 3:30 Performances with Q and A


Performance A) Limitless Productions presents ‘Sita’s Rising’,  http://limitlessproductions.ca/ Limitless Productions is an Indo-contemporary Dance Theatre company that uses performance art as a tool for social change. Indo-contemporary is a blend of Indian Classical Dance and Contemporary Ballet. Limitless Productions full length dance theatre shows features real life stories that inspire and engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds


Performance B)  Andrea Thompson-with opening by Kanwal Rahim  Spoken Word – http://andreathompson.ca/ Andrea Thompson is a writer, teacher, activist and mentor, who has been a mainstay on the  Canadian spoken word scene for the past twenty years. Thompson’s poetry collection, Eating the Seed (Ekstasis Editions, 2000), has been featured on the reading list at the University of Toronto, and at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She is also the co-editor of Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out, an anthology released by Inanna Publications in the fall of 2010.

Kanwal Rahim graduated from Second City’s Program in Improvisational Comedy in 2012.  She identifies herself as a Pakistani-Egyptian-Emirati-Canadian and her passion for music, performance and dance has always been core to her nomadic experience. She inherited her quirky sense of storytelling from her villager grandmothers. After completing Andrea Thompson’s OCAD course in Spoken Word, Kanwal participated in the Sound Poets Circle and the SpeakOut slam in 2013 (Toronto).


Performance C) This performance but will include four solo pieces by Anne Bluethenthal that span subjects as broad as the body politic, the common woman, sexual abuse, and ecology. Bluethenthal is the Director of ABD Productions abdproductions.org ABD Productions is the producing arm of Anne Bluethenthal & Dancers, a San Francisco-based multi-ethnic, multi-cultural modern dance company that is dedicated to the creation and production of new dance works, to excellence and activism in the arts, and to developing dance from and bringing it to a diverse community.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.52.21 PM

Performance D) SAY IT TO MY FACE is a 60 minute long endurance performance by transsexual feminist artist Odofemi (Morgan M Page). Exploring her experience as the target of multiple transphobic hate websites and petitions created by radical feminists, Odofemi stands naked at the front of a room. Projected onto her body is video footage of the hate websites. Audience members are instructed to approach the artist, where they are given a piece of paper with one of the actual comments on it. They are told to read it aloud, into the microphone, and then look Odofemi in the eyes. Odofemi moves as little as possible and does not react. Eventually the audience realizes that they have become implicated in perpetuating both the artist’s and their own trauma, and retaliates by giving the artist improvised positive affirmations, effectively reclaiming their agency. This work reflects on the transphobic/transmisogynist violence that continues to divide feminist communities in North America. Relocating the ‘debate’ into the personal for both performer and audience-participant, SAY IT TO MY FACE powerfully illustrates the impacts of transphobic violence, cyberbullying, and the conflict between second and third wave feminisms. SAY IT TO MY FACE creates a space for feminists to discuss trans inclusion in a way that does not forget the humanity of trans women.

-FJty5870ra0jgFL5JMzKidmP-ocvPoWHnk4i7eAZx0,aLWBzu9-OZi1Jqesa2-ikl0CB4mHemz6uX-rr428tLgPhoto by: Le Petit Russe

Performance E)

Adriana Disman’s “Is she your mother?”

I’ve had it.

I refuse to surrender to the idea that my relationship can only be read as a non-sexual, familial one. That this is the way we are made legible when we walk into a room.“Is she your mother?” No. She’s not my mother.


This performance gives thanks to Emily Roysdon for her Ecstatic Resistance essay ( http://emilyroysdon.com/index.php?/hidden-text/er-text/) and steals her words to say: We are expressing a DETERMINATION to undo the limits of what it is possible to be! This piece CELEBRATES the impossible, REFUSES the set limits of the intelligible, EMBRACES contradiction, BELIEVES in the transformative possibility of sharing and the NECESSITY of communicability, and wants to SPEAK PLEASURE TO POWER!

Performer consent process designed by and facilitated by Kate Klein.

For more on Disman’s work see http://www.adrianadisman.com/

3:30 – 4:15 Networking and Tea and Treats provided by The Love of Tea http://theloveoftea.ca/about.html

4:30 – 5:45  – Second Panels (outside partner organizations) MMag_logo_print

Panel 1 Muskrat Magazine http://www.muskratmagazine.com/home/

Indigenous Gendered Resistance Art & Feminism –  Moderator: Rebeka Tabobondung

Wanda Nanibush
Christi Belcourt
Audrey Huntley
Susan Blight

MUSKRAT is an on-line Indigenous arts, culture magazine that honours the connection between humans and our traditional ecological knowledge by exhibiting original works and critical commentary. MUSKRAT embraces both rural and urban settings and uses media arts, the Internet, and wireless technology to investigate and disseminate traditional knowledges in ways that inspire their reclamation.


Panel 2 Shadeism

rEVOLution: Resisting and Healing Through the Creative

Moderator: Nayani Thiyagarajah


Nisha Ahuja

Cara Eastcott

Jade Lee Hoy

Angelot Ndongmo

http://shadeism.com/ This all female documentary group created a short film entitled Shadeism. The short is an introduction to the issue of shadeism, descrimination that exists between the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned members of the same community. Through the eyes and words of 5 young womyn and 1 little girl – all females of colour – the film takes us into the thoughts and experiences of each. Overall, ‘Shadeism’ explores where shadeism comes from, how it directly affects us as womyn of colour, and ultimately, begins to explore how we can move forward through dialogue and discussion. Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.35.36 PM

Panel 3 WordSpell

Not A Dirty Word: Feminism in Spoken Word

Moderator Alyssa Ginsburg


Vanessa McGowan

Barbara Erochina

Mahlikah Awe:ri


http://cytopoeticsevents.com/wordspell/ The Wordspell  is a new  spoken word group that came together in spring 2012 with the goal of creating a poetry series in Toronto that focuses on women’s voices. WordSpell’s mandate is to have an open, inclusive space for female and female identifying individuals to feel comfortable on stage and off. Each WordSpell show  features one emerging poet, one established poet and an open mic. While attendance at WordSpell Spoken Word is open to all, the space on stage will be completely devoted to women — as the hosts, open mic poets and feature poets. su Panel 4 OCADU Student Union

Young Feminisms – How the Millennials are Reinterpreting Gender Equality

Moderator Moynan King

Kiera Boult

Olivia Plummer
Lido Pimienta
Olivia Appiah-Kubi
Danielle Smith
Melissa Koziebrocki

http://www.ocadu.ca/students/student_union.htm The central purpose of the Student Union (SU) is to enrich the lives of the students at OCAD U. We do our best to create responsible, democratic, cooperative student representation at the university — promoting the interests of both students and the university as a whole — in the context of a healthy community. We represent our membership on a local, provincial and national level, and encourage our members to be aware of their responsibilities in each of these arenas. We also represent our membership within the Canadian Federation of Students. Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.14.43 PM

Panel 5 Bruxa’s https://www.facebook.com/BruxasArt

How Do We Assert the Role of Women Artists in Today’s Male Dominated Urban Art Cultures?

Moderator Kate Fraser
Mariel Rosenbluth

Created in 2010, the Bruxas crew is an international collective of female artists who use Visual Arts, Graffiti, Muralism, Installation, Video, Photography, MCing, Spoken Word, and Storytelling to express and empower women’s voice. The Bruxas celebrate a sisterhood of strong and empowered members originating from Canada, Chile, Bolivia, Algeria, Brazil, France, Argentina, 6 Nations, and growing.  In today’s male dominated urban art cultures, women counterparts often find themselves isolated and confronted by several assumptions and stigmas related to their gender. Historically within patriarchal societies witches have been systematically persecuted, and the Bruxas decided to unite and reclaim this name as a way to question and challenge labels representing gender roles. Bruxa: Portuguese noun meaning “Witch”, a woman possessing healing magical powers. The Bruxas are inclusive of male collaborators, as they look forward to being a part of ending binary gender divisions and discrimination

5:45 –  6:30 – Suzy Lake in Conversation with Johanna Householder http://www.suzylake.ca/

Suzy Lake 2002 Beauty at a Proper Distance In Song

Suzy Lake, Beauty at a Proper Distance/In Song, Light Boxes,

6:30 –  7:30 Reception

March 9th – Take down of show at Beaver Hall Gallery Pick up Work 12:00 -3:00


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